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Is it wine o’clock yet?

From still to sparkling, dry to sweet, rosé can be found all around the world, and with the sun shining, and us having six to choose from, what better excuse do you need to pop down and give one a try?

It’s hard to believe rosé could get any better than when you’re happily sitting back in the sunshine after a long, hard day. But rosé  is becoming quite the trend, and there’s many ways to form a greater love with our pink coloured friend.


Dubbed by the Telegraph as ‘Summer’s coolest cocktail’ this adult slushie has traveled across the pond from a bar in New York. Give it a go and see what you think…

Ingredients: 750ml bottle of rosé, 225g fresh or frozen mixed berries, 125g caster sugar, 120ml water, juice from one lemon

Method: Put the water and sugar on the hob, once the sugar has dissolved add the mixed berries and keep on a low heat. Stir occasionally until you’re happy with the consistency- if you taste it be careful not to burn yourself. Using a sieve to catch the solids, pour the fruity syrup into the rosé before putting in a container that will fit in your freezer. Due to the alcohol content it will never become completely solid so it’s perfect for making this drink. Wait at least six hour before serving


Pink Prosecco Jelly

A refreshing summer pudding, perfect for a home BBQ or just to have to beat that midweek hump!

You’ll need: 750ml bottle of pink prosecco, 50ml lemon juice (about 2 ½ lemons worth), 8-10 gelatine leaves, 250ml elderflower cordial, 500g of soft fruits of your choice, chopped to mouthful sizes – we used peach and mixed berries.

Method: Prepare the gelatine by soaking the leaves in cold water. In a separate bowl combine the pink prosecco and lemon juice. Set aside. On a medium heat, warm the elderflower until hot. Once the gelatine is ready, squeeze out the water and add the leaves into the elderflower; make sure it gets dissolved completely before adding to the prosecco and lemon juice. Depending on how you would like to portion your jelly you can separate the mixture at this point or allow it to set as one. We chose to do set it all together and flipped it out onto a plate. You can add you fruit at this point or wait until the mixture has begun to solidify slightly so does is dispersed. Garnish and enjoy!

Other ‘cool’ drink hacks:

Make rosé ice cubes! Perfect for cooling your glass without diluting your wine. Or if it’s the whole bottle that needs chilling, wrap it in a wet paper towel pop it in the freezer. The water in the towel forms a layer of ice around the bottle.

Waste not, want not:

Once you’ve drank all the wine, then what? Why not fill an empty bottle with fairy lights and use as a lamp or cover in chalkboard paint and fill with flowers? Try popping a candle in the top and allow the wax to drip down the sides, making the perfect table centre piece!

But if that all sounds like to much like hard work? Just chose your wine from our list, and pop down and enjoy a bottle today!


Written by rebekha

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