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Brookmans does Peachfest!

This year’s annual party with our sister pub all started three weeks ago. We’d finished up for the night, grabbed a couple of bottles of half-price Prosecco and headed to the Green Room to settle down to Top Gun. And there we had it, the film that inspired our costumes. The party was planned for 4th July, so the theme was America and as soon as the film came to a conclusion, the anticipation for Peachfest began.

Just finishing work and closing the pub early was a cause for great excitement. The team just about managed to squeeze into their cars, sporting their Top Gun inspired costumes and headed on their way. For many, this was their first Peachfest, and being unsure of what to expect, were amazed by the enormous circus tent, performers and sheer amount of booze there was to get through.

Before the night kicked off, our Queen’s favourite butcher, Aubrey Allen, fed us Gourmet Burgers, before we were led into the grand tent where the circus performers amazed us all. Each Pub took their turn to put on a show, and The Fleece took the crown! The team made some amazing new friends and had a very Peachy night all round. Everyone partied hard, and by 2am it was time to make a move, with some travelling home to rest their heads whilst others set up camp under the stars.

Roll on next year.






I can definitely say that everyone at Peach always serves the good stuff and they always host it like it’s your home. Thank you, from the Brookmans team.

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